Sharing some of my favorite things I hope to do in the month of February!

Things to do with loved ones:

  1. Chilax in front of the fire, have an “I Love Lucy” marathon (thanks Amazon Prime) and eat buttered popcorn.

  2. Get creative and save money by having an inexpensive date with your sweetheart. Redeem gift cards, go for a walk, get tea instead of lattes, draw a picture together.

  3. Think of someone you’ve been thinking of but haven’t connected with in awhile, make the effort to see how they’re doing.

  4. Read the Gospel of John. Ask yourself, “Why did Jesus come?” “What does he say about who he is?” “How does this affect my life?”

  5. Spend a couple hours dreaming of future reads on Amazon, make a list and visit the local library’s website. Save $ by requesting the books be put on hold to borrow.

  6. Embrace the snowfall you are secretly dreading. Go sledding with loved ones. Drink hot cocoa after and talk about highlights.

  7. Be intentional with time management. Set the alarm for earlier and actually get up for a quiet time with Jesus.

  8. Watch some decluttering shows and be inspired to tackle one room at a time. Prepare your home for visitors.

  9. Find a friend and share your art together. Read, paint, create or design together. Enjoy the process!

  10. Write a handwritten letter to someone you haven’t seen for awhile. Tell them how much you care about them.

YouTube Videos worth watching:

  1. Christine Caine at Passion 2019

  2. The Vow song by Geoff Moore & The Distance (okay maybe just listen to this one- the 90s music video cool may be a little distracting but I love this song!)

  3. Clear The Stage by Jimmy Needham (This song is super convicting -I definitely need to hear it sometimes)

  4. A Christ-Centered Relationship (This talk is by Lisa Chan- specific to women)

  5. Learning How to Recognize God’s Voice (A practical talk by Rick Warren)

  6. When God is Moving in Your Life (Priscilla Shirer- one I want to watch!)

  7. Don’t Send A Man to the Grocery Store (More Humor with Jeanne Robertson- I think her humor is fabulous!)

Books to read:

  1. The Reason for God ~ Timothy Keller (I’ve heard great things about this book and my husband and I are planning on reading it with friends this winter)

  2. Mere Christianity ~ C.S. Lewis (A classic)

  3. Praying for Your Future Husband ~ Robin Jones Gunn & Tricia Goyer (I wrote letters to my husband when I was a teenager thanks to Robin’s fiction and I love that she and Tricia (another beautiful writer) wrote this for young women.)

  4. It’s Not Supposed to Be This Way ~ Lysa Terkeurst (I’m looking forward to reading this book about disappointment)

  5. Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus ~ Nabeel Qureshi (This is a great book. I loved listening to the audio version read by the author)

Recipes to Love:

  1. Roasted Squash Chili Mac (Because Rachel Ray usually has great recipes!)

  2. Jo Mama’s World Famous Lasagna (The key to this one is the sauce- it’s so yummy!)

  3. Bacon-wrapped Dates (These are my favorite appetizer and Paleo-friendly!)