Sharing some of my favorite things for April!

Things to do with loved ones:

  1. Make the effort and do something special with your mama, daughter or a dear friend. Time doesn’t stand still and investing in relationship is still important, even as we get older and busier.

  2. Spring clean to some oldies music and take a huge sigh of relief when you see garbage bags full.

  3. Send someone a note just to tell them you love them.

  4. Ask God to reveal someone who might be hurting to you. Pray for them and consider dropping off a small gift card or note.

  5. Shop your own bookcase. Start reading. Highlight important points and take notes on the front title page. If it’s a good book, share with your friends on social media. If it’s a great book, reach out to the author and tell them what you loved about it.

  6. Go for a walk and enjoy the Spring blossoms and longer days. Hold hands with someone you love.

  7. In preparation for Easter, start reading the book of Luke in the Bible. Ask God to give you wisdom, understanding, and fresh eyes.

  8. Surprise someone you love and make a celebratory dinner. Include candles, pretty place settings and something sparkly to drink.

  9. Splurge for some self-care. Get a manicure, buy a coffee, go for a walk, get a massage. Take time to pause.

  10. Get outside and do some gardening. Allow your fingers to get a little dirty touching the earth. Soak in the Vitamin D.

YouTube Videos worth watching:

  1. Eric Metaxas “The Miracle of the Universe”

  2. TED Talk: “Everything You Know about Addiction is Wrong”

  3. Dr. Levatino @ Virginia Tech (hard to watch but so eye-opening)

  4. Steven Furtick sermon “Talk Yourself into It”

  5. How a French Atheist Became a Christian Theologian

  6. Francis Chan- Rope Illustration

  7. Hillsong- “Who You Say I Am”

Books to read:

  1. Mended: Restoring the Hearts of Mothers & Daughters ~ Blythe Daniel & Helen McIntosh

  2. Love Does ~ Bob Goff

  3. Surprised by Joy ~ C.S. Lewis

  4. Miracles ~ Eric Metaxas

  5. Before We Were Yours ~ Lisa Wingate

Recipes to Love:

  1. Gluten-free Carrot Cake Cupcakes

  2. Super Italian Chopped Salad

  3. Honey Glazed Roasted Carrots