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No matter what stage of life you’re currently in, do you long for things like restoration, eternity, authenticity & Love?

This podcast project is an opportunity to share a journey with friends and me as we search for these deeper things through following after Jesus Christ. It’s a podcast for skeptics, seekers, and believers who need encouragement. No one is pretending to be perfect here-we are just real people wanting to share how following Jesus has changed our lives and what it looks like to move past the ish that holds us back, embrace the identity God gives us, so we can move forward in the impetus of His love for the world.

New episodes every week this Fall. Available for streaming on Apple Music & Spotify.

Instagram Live Recaps Thursday evenings @ 5PM PST.


Episode 01 - The One Where we say “Hello”


Episode 02- one where we talk about “ish”


Episode 03- One Where We Talk About Ish (with Nicole Barnett)