Pursuing Loving God.


Loving People. 

It’s a struggle.




Honest Confessions

(& a lot of grace!)

Photo courtesy of the very talented,  Carina Lieberman

Photo courtesy of the very talented, Carina Lieberman

Hello! My name is Janell. I’m glad you came for a visit. Stop in and stay awhile!

My biggest desire is to love God and serve Him wholeheartedly… But sometimes, my own desires and dreams get in the way…

For years, I felt stagnant because my life wasn’t looking anything like what I had dreamed it would. I was missing the beautiful life God gave me because I was so focused on me and what God wasn’t giving me. Surrender did not come easy. But today, my deepest desire is to use what He’s given to love Him all the way and encourage others in the process- even on the hard, messy days.

God is faithful. He loves you and He has an amazing purpose for your life.

A few things I love to talk about (in no special order):

1. Dreams and Reality and how they collide in sometimes not-so-graceful ways.  LOL. 

2. Classic romantic stories and their leading men: Gilbert Blythe. Mr. Darcy. And my very favorite, Brian Wood (Woohoo! Going on 15 years, baby).

3. Jesus Christ and his incredible sacrifice and love for all the nations.

4. A cozy ambiance created with old vinyl records, candles, a good book and comfy mid-century furniture.

5. The busy precious blessings who call me Mommy.

6. The beauty of viewing nature from a safe air-conditioned distance.

7. Some inspirations: People who love well.  New York City.  Europe. Francis & Lisa Chan.  My Grandpa.  Chocolate anything.  Kindness.  Joy.  Discipline.  Sacrifice.  Nabeel Qureshi. International exchange students. Philip Yancey.    

8.  Trusting God with mess and disappointments.

9. Encouraging young women to know who they really are.

10.  Overcoming perfectionism, comparison and insecurity.

Love God. Love People. Nothing else really matters.  A speaker named Tony Campolo brought that message to my university when I was nineteen.  It's been the desire of my heart ever since and my personal vision statement. But yeah, it’s a struggle. 

After years of thinking about it, I am finally opening up this little space. What I hope you’ll find is a humble place filled with stories God is weaving into my life- the way only He can- with mercy, grace and sometimes, a great deal of humor.